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This collection is simply incredible. Great North Collective.

matt & kenzi: engaged //

There’s this really great thing that happens when the friend(s) of your friend(s) become your friend(s). And an even more amazing thing that happens when that friend falls in love and you gain another friend.

 These two are gold.

I remember first hearing Matt talk about Kenzi when a group of friends were on a camping trip in Banff last summer and both from what he was saying and the excitement with which he said it, I knew this girl had to be pretty incredible. And she absolutely is.

Fast forward a few months to a rainy March day at Prospect Point in Stanley Park where I was trying to hide behind a stone wall and capture the moment when an excited Matt asked beautiful Kenzi to become his wife and all I could think was how crazy beautiful these moments and these commitments are.

Theirs is a-friendship-set-on-fire love story, and one that has been nothing short of encouraging and exciting to see glimpses of it unfold. They love deeply – you can see it in the way they love each other, they way they love Jesus, the way they love and embrace life, and the way they love their family and friends with an authentic and gracious love. Together they’re the kind of people who dance in parks just because they can, always have nothing but deeply encouraging things to say, and think deeply and engage fully. They’re goofy and funny and wise and authentic, and I can say from personal experience that my life is richer by their being in it.

I don’t pull out my camera for these type of shoots very often, but I had a blast with these two and was so thankful for the perfect weather.

M&K, you’re incredible. Thank you for being you and letting us all catch a glimpse of goodness through your love for each other. only 31 days to go.

A Single’s Guide to Wedding Survival


I’m so thankful for the ways my married (and soon-to-be-married) friends show me glimpses of Jesus. And learning that, even in the space of singleness, the beauty is for me (us) too. My latest blog with St. Peter’s Fireside: A Single’s Guide to Wedding Survival.

The beauty – and necessity – of marriage is in no way diminished by a lack of romantic love or the realities of hurt that may render us hesitant to embrace its beauty fully. In fact, the spaces of heartache may reveal even more of its importance. Because love also invites us to lean in close to the reflection of God’s goodness and glimpses of deeply woven beauty. It invites us to grab our dancing shoes and celebrate the good things He is doing in the lives of those around us. - Read more HERE.